We help organizations transform to a true data driven enterprise with our proven architectures, solutions, frameworks and services.

Our team of consultants, architects and developers have worked with several fortune 500 companies in the financial, insurance, retail, manufacturing, technology and telecom industries.


Whether you are a small or large organization, you need a holistic view of what you want to achieve with your data. It can be like – improve your operational efficiency, reduce the cost, provide a better customer experience, get more customers, retain customers, collaborate better with your partners etc. We will work with you to create a strategy with a top-down approach focusing the BUSINESS VALUE.


You now have a strategy but we all know that it cannot be implemented in one go! You have constraints on your budget, resources and even have conflicting priorities. At the same time, you need to ensure that each step we take should deliver a BUSINESS VALUE. We will work with you to come up with a realistic roadmap that delivers a BUSINESS VALUE in each iteration.


You need to design and implement in an iterative model keeping the end state in mind. You need to govern the implementation in such a way to ensure the BUSINESS VALUE is delivered. You need to be agile and flexible as technologies are changing everyday. We will work with you on your end to end implementation cycle taking the bottomline to deliver the BUSINESS VALUE.

Data Platforms and Data Lakes

Platform Modernization

Augmented Data Warehouse 


Advanced Analytics Solutions

Advanced Visualizations

Information Publish Platforms

  Explore the Endless Possibilities of Data

Datalakes helps enterprises Acquire, Integrate, Store, Analyze, Visualize and Publish rapidly growing volumes and varieties of Internal and External Data to discover and operationalize actionable insights.

Gamification for Agents

Partnered with a Money Transfer Organization to provide real time views of their agent performance and incentive thresholds to enable Gamification.

Sales Conversion Funnel

Collaborated with a Financial Services Firm to create a real time sales conversion funnel with alerts and notifications for the leaders to take actions.

Customer Engagement Score

Created a Customer Engagement Scoring Engine integrating and analyzing the interaction data from a retailer’s call center.



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