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Text Analytics: A Primer


Text Analytics

Marketing scientist Kevin Gray asks Professor Bing Liu to give us a quick snapshot of text analytics. The interview was first published in GreenBook on January 24, 2017 and on Linkedin on February 9, 2017.

KG: I see “text analytics” and “text mining” used in various ways by marketing researchers and often used interchangeably. What do these terms mean to you?

BL: My understanding is that the two terms mean the same thing. People from academia use the term text mining, especially data mining researchers, while text analytics is mainly used in industry. I seldom see academics use the term text analytics. There is another closely related term, called natural language processing (NLP). Text mining and text analytics usually refer to the application of data mining and machine learning algorithms to text data. NLP covers that and also other more traditional natural language tasks such as machine translation, syntax, semantics, etc. But there is really no clear demarcation between the terms. Read more




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