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Data Visualizations – Simple graphics can drive business value


Businesses are moving towards becoming a true “Data Driven Enterprise” and are committed to improving data-driven decisions. Increasingly, enterprises are formulating analytic strategies to drive insights, finding new patterns and relationships in data, understanding why certain things happened within their business, and forecasting the future. Self-service analytics has become an integral part of the core enterprise analytics strategy due to the increasing number of tools available for data visualization and data preparation.

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Business Intelligence (BI) in the Cloud – is the future


Image of businesswoman showing sales on a whiteboard

The right information for the right stakeholder at the right time:

The ability to take action based on up-to-date information rather than a gut feeling or last week’s report is increasingly important to decision- makers regardless of their role – it’s not a question of growth but survival. Traditional approaches to business intelligence (BI) delivery fail to meet business needs especially on – Agility, Speed and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Read more




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