Unlock maximum value from all of your unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data in Data Lakes

Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500, you have invested heavily in your Data. You need to have Data at the center of your organization and all of your decisions should be driven out of that nucleus.

Datalakes helps enterprises acquire, integrate and analyze rapidly growing volumes and varieties of internal and external data to discover and operationalize actionable insights for competitive advantage.

"Not just a Platform, but a partner for all your Data and Analytics"


You don’t need to buy and integrate  separate tools for ETL, Warehousing, Analytics, Visualization, Reporting and Publishing. Datalakes Data Lakes Solutions does it all.
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Intuitive and Responsive

Information should be in the language of Business, be easily interpretable with minimal system interactions. Datalakes Platform provides the right experience for the right personas.
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Quick Turn Around

Turn around business requirements to information delivery with data provisioning, analytics and dashboards – delivered in days or weeks, not months or years.
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Data Driven Enterprise

We help organizations transform to a True Data Driven Digital Enterprise with our Platform, Solutions and Services. We will take you through the various maturity levels and move you up the value chain.


  • What happened? – Historical
  • What is happening now? – Operational
  • Why did it happen? – Analytical
  • What might happen? – Predictive
  • What should I do about it? – Prescriptive
  • What’s out there that I don’t know about? – Discovery

  Explore the Endless Possibilities of Data in Data Lakes

Datalakes helps enterprises Acquire, Integrate, Store, Analyze, Visualize and Publish rapidly growing volumes and varieties of Internal and External Data to discover and operationalize actionable insights.


Gamification for Agents

Partnered with a Money Transfer Organization to provide real time views of their agent performance and incentive thresholds to enable Gamification.

Sales Conversion Funnel

Collaborated with a Financial Services Firm to create a real time sales conversion funnel with alerts and notifications for the leaders to take actions.

Customer Engagement Score

Created a Customer Engagement Scoring Engine integrating and analyzing the interaction data from a retailer’s call center.



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