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We're a Big Data and Data Science Platform on cloud. We can take data from any sources and of any types, prepare and analyze and generate insights and visualize for you. we're true Datalakes.

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Our platform is built on the best in class capabilities of IBM Bluemix, Hadoop, Spark, R and IBM Watson.

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The value of Big Data is when it is integrated with your enterprise Data. The beauty of our solutions is to bring it all together for you.

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We demonstrate the value of your data to you and make you successful. Just throw your problem to us and we will work with you.


Agent Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis based on Global Socio - Economic-Geo- Political Parameters
Geographic Customer Distribution
Real-time Analytics and Visualization of customer distribution for online channel
Retail Store Location Analysis
Based on the store profile, project the potential locations for new store opening
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We have an extended team of advisors and consultants both from the Academia and Industry sectors. A team of Professors and Research students along with practitioners help us solve our client's use cases.

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"I knew they were a start-up 3 years ago. After I had a casual chat with them,they had a working prototype for me the very next day."
- Senior Director, A Financial Services Firm

Our credibility comes from the value we deliver and how.

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